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03 Aug Simple Modem Tricks to Improve Your Internet Speed

Everyone wants a faster Internet connection. Whether it be for streaming HD video or just faster downloads, people want to know how to make their Internet faster. Increasing the modem speed is actually easier than most people think. Here are a few ways one can achieve this.


Plug into the source

Wireless Internet connections tend to be slightly slower than wired connections. It would, therefore, be advisable to connect directly to the modem and get faster speeds. This is especially useful when using a desktop computer.


Getting a different router

If other modem tips and tricks don’t end up working to the desired level, try out a new router. There are better and more powerful routers that provide a better modem speed and thus enhance the Internet user experience.


Check the filters

If the Internet connection in use is connected to a phone line that also connects to a telephone, it is wise to use good quality filters on the line. These filters do a good job in filtering out disturbances thus ensuring a stable connection.


Remove the cordless phone

Despite the use of filters, cordless telephones still seem to interfere with the Internet connection, making it slow. However, before getting rid of the phone, ensure it is a factor by carrying out an isolation test. Remove the current phones connected to the line and use different phones, checking for an improvement in the modem speed.


Get rid of on-system interference

Other than from the modem speed, slow Internet speed could result interference by programs on the computer such as the antivirus. To find out which are causing an interference, switch off the running programs and check the Internet speed. However, turning off the virus scanner could result in virus or spyware attack so always ensure the computer has sufficient virus protection.

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