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04 Aug What is a 3G Modem?


A 3G modem is one of the latest devices that allow a computer to connect to the Internet using a mobile broadband connection, which is usually very fast. When using a 3G modem, the Internet Signal is often broadcast over the airwaves instead of being transmitted over a telephone line or a cable.

3G modem uses a variety of broadcasting standards which includes the CDMA and the UMTS. Before purchasing a 3G modem, end users are always advised to check the compatibility of the modem with the cell phone network they intend to use.


3G modem as a router

In most instances, a 3G modem comes as a plug-in gadget which is commonly known as a dongle. The modem looks like a portable memory drive when inserted into a USB slot on a computer. A 3G modem can be used to share the Internet signal with some devices. Usually, the routers comprise of Ethernet slots that make a wired connection with devices successful.

Some forms of 3G devices also connect with the computers using a Wi-Fi connection. In this case, an end user does not necessarily need to have a USB socket.


Use of 3G modem as a mobile device

The fact that 3G modems are cost efficient and quick, it all makes the difference. Also known as GPRS and GSM modem, 3G modems are used to send messages to other end users in the most efficient manner. While using the modem to send a message, a subscription is not a requirement, making the 3G modem cost efficient.


Using 3G devices as desktop computers

Some of the 3G devices are also designed to work as home desktop computers. These devices are used as the primary source of Internet connection. In the IT industry, 3G modems have been preferably utilized by a large number of end users due to their efficiency.

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