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03 Aug How to Troubleshoot Your Modem

For anyone with an Internet connection, a flaky connection or no Internet access can be very frustrating. A simple fix would be troubleshooting the router to regain a good connection. So how does one deal with this modem issue? Most modern modems and routers are nowadays produced as a single combined unit. In this guide, they will be considered as a single combined unit. Here is a modem troubleshooting guide.


Rebooting the router

This is an age-old trick that works most of the time. Most routers still seem to need to be rebooted once in a while to continue working efficiently. The process involves turning off the router, unplugging its power cable for several seconds and then plugging it back in. If the router requires frequent reboots, this could be a problem with the manufacturer’s firmware, and this would call for installation of an alternative firmware.


Temperature check

Every electronic gadget faces the risk of overheating. In the case of a router, overheating can result in the router becoming unstable. It is a good idea to keep checking the temperature of the router and ensuring it is placed in a location with sufficient airflow, and the vents aren’t blocked.


Secure connection of cables

A loose cable is enough to cause a lost or flaky connection. It is, therefore, prudent to ensure that all the cables are securely connected before carrying out other complicated methods of troubleshooting. Also, check all the cables to ensure they are in good condition.


Change the router position

In case of a poor connection, repositioning the router could be a quick and easy fix. Also, one should remove any objects that would block or interfere with the wireless signals. Also, the router’s antenna should be positioned vertically as this provides the largest coverage area.


Picking a different wireless channel

There are cases whereby interference may arise from having a number of routers sending their signals on the same frequency. In that case, the best solution would be using an app to determine which router channel is least congested like Wifi Analyzer for Android systems. Otherwise, one would need a new router altogether that operates on a different frequency.

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